Squamous Cel Carcinoma

On January 7th, I posted an article called I’m beginning to feel Like a Cancer Magnet.  I had a growth removed from my arm and was told it was something called, Keratoacanthoma.  I wasn’t too concerned because that often goes away by itself.  However, I had it removed “Just in case”  it was something more serious.  The doctor sent it out for a biopsy.

Today, January 13th, I received a letter from my Dermatologist stating that the lesion was in fact a squamous cel carcinoma.  The doctor stated that the procedure he performed was curative but scheduled follow-up appointment to be certain.  It’s a good thing I had him perform that procedure.

For most of my life I was blessed with good health.  I was already 60 years old before I saw the inside of a hospital as a patient.  I took my good health for granted and did very little in the way of prevention.  I did not have a healthy diet and I didn’t exercise.  I didn’t even have a Primary Care Physician.  By the time my original cancer was diagnosed, it was already stage IV.

I urge you to develop and maintain a healthy life-style.  Had I done so earlier, I would have avoided a lot of pain, suffering and medical procedures.

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