Pet Scan

Pet Scan

Yesterday, as part of my cancer follow up, I had a PET Scan at the Sandwich, MA Health Center.  Pet Scans are not too bad unless you are claustrophobic.  Or, if you are like me and have very hard veins to find or access.  A PET scan requires the technician to inject a chemical into your vein prior to the scan.

As usual, they had a very difficult time trying to find a vein they could access.  They examined the entire length of both of my arms without any luck.  Then they examined the backs of my hands.  I was hoping they wouldn’t be able to use any of those veins.  The times when those veins were used for injections or blood samples, the back of my hand was horribly bruised for a week or more.  Very ugly.  They were not able to find a vein they could access on the back of either hand.

They discussed the possibility of sending me to the Falmouth Hospital’s IV Department.  I was not crazy about that.  I just wanted to get the procedure over with.  The technicians were very thorough.  They put hot towels on my arms to see if that would expand my veins.  That didn’t work.  As I said, these technicians were very professional and did not give up.

Finally they found a vein on my wrist they thought they could access and asked my permission to try.  I gave it to them.  Bingo, it worked and I had my Pet Scan.

As I mentioned, the staff of the Sandwich, MA Health Center were very professional, competent and caring.  My thanks to all of them.  I wish I had taken their names so I could publically thank them.

When I got home I had an email from my ex-wife asking how it went.  She also said she was worried about the results of the PET scan.  Personally, I am not worried.  If it shows the cancer has not come back, obviously I will be happy.  If it shows that it has come back or they find a new one, I will accept that too.  Surviving Stage 4 Cancer with multiple complications as a result of the Cancer Treatment, I have learned not to worry about things I have no control over.  In a previous post, I wrote that I won the battle with my Stage 4 Cancer, not by fighting it but by surrendering.   Today, I believe that I am a better person as a result of going through my battle with Cancer.

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