Cancer Treatments Are Primitive and Even Barbaric

Today’s conventional cancer treatments are the same as they were hundreds of years ago:


They call it:

Radiation therapy

Surgery (cut) is successful if the cancer is removed before it has spread. So it could be called a cure for cancer.  I had a very successful surgical procedure just a few days ago.  I had a growth surgically removed from my arm.  It was Keratoacanthoma (KA).  They were able to remove it before it spread.

Chemotherapy (Poison) kills ALL the reproducing cels in your body.  It kills other things too.  It killed almost all of my white blood cels.  I had a white blood cel count of .444.  Normal is 500 to 1,000.  I didn’t even have one white cel in my body to fight infection.  I suffered multiple complications and even  extra surgery as a result.

The belief is that the healthy cels will grow back and the malignant cels will remain dead.  Unfortunately, sometimes the body remains dead too.  Mine almost did.

Radiation (Burn) therapy is based on the belief that if you destroy the affected cels by burning, your body is better at fighting the damage done by radiation therapy than by fighting the cancer itself.


What do you think of when you see a TV commercial showing a doctor saying, “We put the patient first”?  I am no longer convinced, nor do I have the vision of a dedicated doctor, who is not primarily motivated by money.

I believe most doctors went into medicine for the right reasons; to abide by the Hippocratic Oath and to give the best possible treatment.

I no longer believe that is always true. It seems to me that all too often profit rules.  After undoing undergoing Stage IV cancer treatment that included several surgeries, extensive chemotherapy treatments and 38 radiation treatments, I now have a new set of beliefs.

Belief one:   I no longer believe that conventional medicine is always the best cancer treatment.

Belief two: I believe it is criminal the way the medical profession claim alternative medicine only provides false hope and diverts patients away from “reliable medical treatment”.  In many cases “Reliable Treatments” are the ones that provide enormous profits for the doctors that administer them

I believe today’s cancer treatments are primitive and even barbaric.  Fortunately, new and better treatments are being discovered.  Unfortunately, many of them are not being approved because of the strong opposition of the pharmaceutical industry opposing them to protect their profits.

What happened to “We put the patient first.”?

If the cancer industry put patients first, patients wouldn’t be given chemotherapy based on the profit doctors receive.

If cancer patients came first, the industry wouldn’t suppress successful competitors.

Money should not be the main consideration for treating cancer patients.

One cancer specialist resigned from his work because he could no longer live with his conscience. He said that it was usual to get half a million dollars out of each patient before they died.

In my opinion, the record of conventional medicine for curing cancer is deplorable and yet they say very little about prevention.

I do believe alternative medicine excels at prevention. Many of the treatments are every day foods and nutrition supplements..

This article is not about alternative treatments; it is about the real motive for prescribing today’s “Reliable Treatments”.

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