The Chemotherapy Profit Motive

Have you ever heard a cancer survivor say, “The treatment was worse than the disease?”  I’ve certainly said that. Why do you think that, even though there are serious and dangerous side effects of chemotherapy, it is still the choice treatment of many oncologists? Could it be because administering chemotherapy is very profitable for the oncologists?

Did you know that oncologists are allowed to profit from the sale of chemotherapy drugs? It is totally restricted and exclusive for oncologists. I don’t know of any other group of doctors who are allowed to profit from the sale of drugs.

Think about this. A noteworthy amount of income for oncologists comes from the profit they make from selling the chemotherapy drugs. Do you think that is why chemotherapy is is the treatment of choice by many oncologists? Is it “All about the money?”

Do you think oncologists might be influenced to give you the drug that they’re going to make the most profit from? I like to have the faith that my doctor has my best interest at heart. Unfortunately, the money incentives, does something to destroy my faith.

Oncologists are very much like the business owners of retail stores. According to a recent NBC News Report, oncologists make most of their income by buying products (drugs) wholesale and selling them to patients at retail.

Like any business owner, the private practice oncologists, are entitled to, and deserve to make a living. My question is; should they make their money from treating patients or by SELLING the drugs? Other types of doctors don’t have that option.

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