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A Typical Panic Attack

In a previous post, I pointed out that being diagnosed with cancer often causes anxiety. I know it did for me.  I recently came across a video I thought was worth posting it to this blog.  I hope you enjoy

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I Am Now An “Official” Cancer Survivor

Official Cancer Survivor Yesterday I had an appointment with my oncologist to review my recent PET Scan, chest ex-ray and blood work.  He congratulated me by saying, “you are now an “official” Cancer Survivor“.  I was diagnosed in 2005 and

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Warnings Concerning Cancer

I’m not an alarmist nor do I subscribe to conspiracy theories. I’m not Chicken Little and I don’t believe the sky is falling. However, I am no longer keeping my head in the sand either. I am now paying close attention to the many warnings concerning cancer.

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Pet Scan

Pet Scan Yesterday, as part of my cancer follow up, I had a PET Scan at the Sandwich, MA Health Center.  Pet Scans are not too bad unless you are claustrophobic.  Or, if you are like me and have very

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What Do We Know About Cancer?

Cancer Research When I was first diagnosed with Stage IV cancer and the shock, fear and depression lessened, I did a great deal of research about cancer.  I wanted to know everything I could about the horrid disease called cancer. 

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What is Cancer Video

Cancer View more presentations from johnfink.

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Well Known Treatments Center Almost Killed me

On the “My Story” page I mentioned that I went to a “very well known” Cancer Treatment Center in Boston. They almost killed me and then told me to go back to the cape for my treatment because I didn’t

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After finally completing extensive chemotherapy treatment and enduring the many complications as a result of that treatment, I found that I was physically and mentally exhausted.  I wasn’t too surprised at that.  After all, I went through a lot in

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Would you like fries with that diagnosis?

A cute and interesting article from the LA Times

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Squamous Cel Carcinoma

On January 7th, I posted an article called I’m beginning to feel Like a Cancer Magnet.  I had a growth removed from my arm and was told it was something called, Keratoacanthoma.  I wasn’t too concerned because that often goes

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